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Violet Hill Whyte, In Her Own Words

Violet Hill Whyte was the National WCTU Field Service Special Representative in 1969 when she wrote these words:

When we think of action we think of force, probably a compelling movement in a prescribed direction or area. We also think of vigor, endurance, decision, and readiness awaiting release. For nearly 100 years the WCTU has never weakened but has held high to its organizational principles.

Remember we were established on a cornerstone of virtue, purity, and deeply-rooted spirituality. We were determined and fortified with sincere and stout belief in God. We stressed united for the good of God and home and every land.

Remember, Frances Willard pioneered with remarkable courage, valor, and will power. She made adjustments, accumulated needed finances in order to promote our ideas and program. She traveled without luxury and many, many times without comfort.

Remember, God so abundantly blessed her and her followers that her vision has become fixed and today—even to this very minute—her vision is our vision. These Christian forerunners convinced thinking, dedicated people all over the world that the inroads of beverage alcohol was causing many to imbibe and by so doing, damage was resulting.

Alcohol’s Toll Is Deep

Remember, alcohol is injurious to every part of the human body, detrimental to reasoning, and a contributing cause to immoral or unmoral behavior.

Today we look ahead for timely, correct, forceful, and continuous action to teach children and youth what it is and what it does.

We need to strengthen the same goals, to re-evaluate and maintain the sacredness of the home and marriage, to stress the wholeness of decent family life and planning to stabilize the family structure which can only be accomplished by excluding vice, narcotics, alcohol, violence, disregard for law observance and enforcement, and a total avoidance of improvident living.

As an organization, I believe we should re-emphasize our pledge to the pursuance of the rights of little children to be well born, to have spiritual and cultural training, sex education, narcotic education with emphasis on alcohol education, protection by child labor laws, formal education geared to each child’s natural and God-given potential or vocational training and/or specialized training for those considered uneducable, to be taught strict observance and obedience to law and order.
The challenge given by youth is a serious one. We must face it. I believe that to do this each one of us needs to be exceptionally well informed to be able to face these issues.

Our concern must not be prompted to relieve our conscience nor to expel our justifiable fears, but we must convince and even pressure our school authorities to teach the truth about alcohol and other narcotics.

WE are the women, WE are a Christian group, WE believe in total abstinence from beverage alcohol and other narcotics.

Remember, it’s OUR job to engage in ACTION AHEAD!
In 2022, The WCTU continues to stand firm as we Rise Up and Build

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