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WCTU Campaign to Send

Pepsi-Cola to Vietnam GI's









During the Vietnam War, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union began a national fundraising campaign to send "Pepsi-Cola to G.I.'s in Vietnam". The WCTU wanted the men to have options other than alcohol to drink.

The WCTU press release read, "Regardless of what we may think of the war in Vietnam, our men are doing their duty under great hardship. This is only a small thing we are doing but it will at least let these men know they are not forgotten."

The Pepsi-Cola company provided the Pepsi to the WCTU at the wholesale price. Pepsi-Cola also paid for the cost of posters and promotional materials. James B. Somerall, the President of Pepsi-Cola Company at the time said, "There are very few ways we can repay our G.I.'s in Vietnam for the sacrifices they are making."

The Pepsi drive by the WCTU was conducted on a national scale with over 5,000 local Unions around the United States participating. Collection displays were placed in stores, libraries, municipal buildings and other public places. Local WCTUs kept tract of the display locations, collected the contributions and forwarded the money collected to the National WCTU Headquarters. 

An interesting study - From Pabst to Pepsi: The Deinstitutionalization of Social Practices and the Creation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities 

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