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2023-2024 Contest Rules

Please contact Signal Press at (847)864-1396 to get a full list of rules for all contests.

Catalog No. C2020 and to order official color sheets.

Coloring Contest Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
This is the FIRST year in a NEW SERIES of coloring sheets. The current sheets MUST be used. Please contact Signal Press at (847)864-1396 to order official color sheets. Color sheets you may copy are available.
Poster Contest Grades 4-12

Must use 22" x 14" poster board. Cut-outs are permitted in Division I and II but only original artwork in Division III. The poster may not contain product images, trade-marks, brand names or copyrighted material. Messages such as "Don't Drink and Drive" are not acceptable. The message must be that any use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drug is unacceptable. Each poster must contain this information on the upper right-hand corner of the reverse side: Name, Grade, Age, School, Teacher's Name, City, State. 

Division I - grades 4-6

Division II - grades 7-9

Division III - grades 10-12

General Essay Requirements

The content must adhere to the topic. Sources must be included as a bibliography. All direct quotations must be noted and attributed (not to exceed 20% of content). Use standard paper size, white paper, one inch margins. Use one side, double spaced. Essays may be handwritten or computer-generated. The original and two copies must be submitted. NO copies will be returned. Each essay must have a cover sheet and all pages, including the cover, must be attached. The cover sheet is to include the name of the participant, age, grade, school, city, and teacher's name. Each essay shall include a word count placed in the upper right hand corner of page one. Purchase of resource packets is NOT required but use of references listed in the rules is encouraged. 

Division I - grades 4-6: What are the dangers of Fentanyl? (200 words)

Division II - grades 7-9: Alcohol is NOT for ME! (300-500 words)

Division III -  grades 10-12: Is marijuana a safe alternative to tobacco? (600-1,000 words)

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