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The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is a non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit organization. ("Woman's" in the organization name means each individual woman makes a commitment to total abstinence.)

Mission Statement

  • The National Woman's Christian Temperance Union purposes to educate all people, with the help of God, to total abstinence from alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco as a way of life.

Join Us in Prayer (Noontime Prayer)

  • Members pray each day during their noontime, which means there is a continuous circle of prayer occurring daily around the world. 

White Ribbon Recruits (WRR)

  • Parents with children under six years of age are encouraged to participate in a dedication ceremony. A White Ribbon is tied to the child's wrist. The adult promises, with the help of God, to teach the child Christian principles, including abstinence from alcohol and other harmful drugs.

Loyal Temperance Legion (LTL)

  • This is for children six to twelve years of age. In LTL the children have fun while they learn.

LTL Pledge

  • That I may give my best service to home and country, I promise, God helping me, not to buy, drink, sell, or give alcoholic liquors while I live; from all tobacco I'll abstain and never take God's name in vain.

Youth Temperance Council (YTC)

  • The YTC is for young people over the age of twelve. The motto is A Good Time with a Purpose. 

YTC Pledge

  • I promise, by the help of God, never to use alcoholic beverages, other narcotics, or tobacco, and to encourage everyone else to do the same, fulfilling the command, "keep thyself pure."




WCTU Honorary Members and Associates (Men)

  • Men may join the WCTU as Honorary Members. They support the work of the WCTU in various ways.

WCTU (Women)

  • Able to vote and hold office



  • The white ribbon bow symbolizes purity. Members are often known as "white ribboners." The membership pin is worn over the heart.


  • Requires the signing of the Membership Pledge and paying annual dues

  • If you're interested in joining the WCTU, please click here for more info.

WCTU Pledge

"I hereby solemnly promise, God helping me, to abstain from all distilled, fermented and malt liquors, including wine, beer and hard cider, and to employ all proper means to discourage the use of and traffic in the same."

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