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The National Woman's Christian Temperance Union's 2021 Convention in DeWitt, Michigan is now history. NWCTU President Merry Lee Powell presented her President's Address, "Build With Us." It is based on scripture from the book of Nehemiah. The theme for the convention was "Rise Up and Build," with the key scripture from Nehemiah 2:18b. "So they said, 'Let us rise up and build'. Then they set their hands to this good work." WCTU members from coast to coast were encouraged and blessed!

A spirit of unity and enthusiasm permeated the convention which resulted in the current five national officers being re-elected without opposition; the adoption of the President's Recommendations; and overwhelming support for the NWCTU 2021-2022 Resolutions.

A resolution reaffirming the existence, purposes and goals of the NWCTU, including the Declaration of Principles, which were first adopted in 1874, was approved and overwhelmingly adopted.

Department Directors presented glowing reports of the work that was accomplished during the past year despite COVID-19 government restrictions.

The Promotion Director reported new unions were organized and there was a gain of 150 new members.

We thank the World WCTU members for their continued encouragement and prayer support.

We are looking forward to celebrating 150 years of continuous service to God and our country, as we continue unhindered as an organization of women dedicated to making America and the world more home-like. Praise be to God!

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