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New National WCTU Officers Promise to Preserve the Past & Transform the Future

During the 2019 National WCTU Convention, all new officers were elected!

The new National WCTU officers from left to right, Merry Lee Powell (President), Kathleen Johnson (Vice President), Cheryl L. Seaman (Promotion Director), Donna S. Pearson (Treasurer), Jacqueline (Jacki) Stull (Secretary).

All new officers were elected to change the direction of the WCTU away from the ill-conceived "merger" with a non-Christian organization which was proposed by the previous officers. The newly elected officers are long-time WCTU members who promised to preserve the WCTU, its archives, Frances Willard House Museum, and most importantly WCTU's Godly heritage.

President, Merry Lee Powell

Merry Lee's life in WCTU began when she was three years old. Her mother had just joined the WCTU and she dedicated Merry Lee as a White Ribbon Recruit. As she grew up, she became a member of the LTL and YTC. As a teen, she assisted with LTL and LTL Day Camps. She was the Executive Director of the YTC for West Virginia for many years. In 1980, she was appointed National Home Protection Director. Merry Lee served in that position until she was elected National Vice President in 1984. She has served as West Virginia State Treasurer since 1996 to the present and also State Recording Secretary. Merry Lee is also a member of the West Virginians for Life, Paralyzed Vets of America, and supports her local Pregnancy Resource Center.

Vice President, Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen has been a member of the WCTU for more than sixty years. She is the grandma of ten. She signed the pledge at a young age and has kept it throughout her life. As a young public school teacher, she held her first WCTU office as Rivesville local representative to the District WCTU. Through the years she has been a local President, district Recording Secretary, Promotion Director and State President. She served as West Virginia President for twelve years and as National WCTU Promotion Director for twelve years. She is currently serving a three year term as World WCTU Recording Secretary.

Cheryl L. Seaman, Promotion Director

Cheryl has been in WCTU for over fifty years. She has served as New York President for fifteen years, National Youth Temperance Council Executive Director for ten years and has held other offices.

Donna S. Pearson, Treasurer

Donna is also New York WCTU Treasurer. She is the mother of three daughters and one son.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Stull, Recording Secretary

Jacki was first introduced to WCTU in 1991. She jumped in with all her heart and says she has been blessed in every position she has held.

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1 Comment

Feb 27, 2020

The Saturday Evening Post is doing an article about the temperance movement, in which the WCTU played a central part. Is there anyone in the organization who would be willing to give me an interview. I'd love to get some current thoughts on the challenges today.

I can be reached at or at 317-634-1100.

I hope to hear from you.

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