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Summer Time, Fun Time!

National LTL Director, Natalie Duvenary, reminds us that since school is out for the summer, this is a great opportunity to have LTL members complete the requirements for their Individual Achievement Awards. If you have any graduating LTLers, conduct a simple ceremony for those graduating into the Youth Temperance Council (YTC).

Why not start a Front Porch LTL? This idea came from WCTU member Janet Hudson who held a Bible study and drug program at her home with six children participating.

The current LTL program is Fruit of the Spirit. Our theme for the next two years is the Parables of Jesus. It will be a colorful study of 23 parables of Jesus, along with temperance and drug lessons. Plan ahead for fall. Order materials for summer and fall now.

Materials can be purchased through Signal (call 847-864-1396,or email

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