• Bunny S. Galladora

ACTION ALERT - Say NO to Draft Registration of Our Mothers and Daughters

H.R.450 - The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, requires women to register for the draft. The Senate Armed Services Committee has agreed to a similar amendment but the full Senate has not yet voted.

Speak up NOW!

Many women volunteer to serve in the military and they serve with great distinction. However, there is no need to randomly draft women ahead of able-bodied men to serve, especially in combat roles, during a national emergency.

This has noting to do with equality for women as some claim. It is unnecessary, dangerous, and would weaken the military's readiness.

Science proves there are natural physical differences between men and women. The draft is random and the process would not ensure that the more capable men are drafted for combat before women.

Click on the link below to follow this bill and to voice your opposition:

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