Foundation for Empowering Women (FEW)

National Woman's Christian Temperance Union

1730 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL  60201


In late July and early August, two of the members of the 3R's Commission, Vickie Burke and Glen Madeja, spoke at the four NWCTU Regional Conventions to give an update. Vickie traveled solo to

South Dakota for the Midwest Region, Glen went to Vermont for the Eastern Region, and both went to Indiana for the Central Region and Los Angeles for the Western Region. The following materials were presented, discussed and handed out at each meeting:

  • The final report given to the National Officers of the NWCTU by the 3R's Commission.

This report, its findings and recommendations have been reviewed, accepted and tentatively

approved by the National Officers, pending final approval at the 2017 National Convention.

  • Two sets of "working papers" that describe the vision and plan for a new Foundation for the WCTU Evanston Campus

.We hope to name the new organization the Foundation for Empowering Women (“FEW”).

  • A slide show of pictures that gave an update on the progress being made in the

Administration Building.  Click here to see those slides.