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T or F 1. Alcohol is the  most widely used and abused drug by today's youth.

T or F 2. A person can die from alcohol poisoning.

T or F 3. Drinking and driving is the number one killer of teens.

T or F 4. Pre-marital sex is more common among teens who have been drinking.

T or F 5. The use of alcohol in college hinders many students.

T or F 6. All alcoholic beverages contain about the same amount of ethyl alcohol per serving.

T or F 7. Drinking a variety of drinks does not make a person more intoxicated than drinking  just one kind of drink does.

T or F 8. There is no way to sober up a person quickly.

T or F 9. Alcohol will not make you smarter, a better athlete, popular or successful.

T or F 10. A teenager can become  an alcoholic.

Make a wise choice about alcohol. Use these reasons  to refuse.

"I want to be in control." "I want to be a safe and  responsible driver."  "I want to be someone my friends can count on."  "I  don't want to get in trouble with my parents, school work, and the law." "It's not for me."  "I have better things to do." "No thanks." "I'm in training." "I've made a decision to leave alcohol out of my life."

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