Located in downtown's Max Square, La Grande, Oregon. The Women's Christian Temperance Union originally erected the "Cast Iron Mary" statue in La Grande in 1904 as part of a fountain. The fountain, designed for horses as well as people, was dedicated on September 7, 1904, by the town’s chapter of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). Local WCTU groups often erected public fountains as part of their effort to discourage the use of alcoholic beverages. This statue was of an unspecified woman; though she was officially named “Temperance,” the citizenry called her “Cast Iron Mary.” When Adams Street was paved in 1912, “Mary” was moved a few blocks to 4th and Depot Streets, where she stood until she was demolished by an errant carload of bootleggers one night in 1922. A replica was recently erected on Adams Street, based on historical photographs.

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